Little Wonderland Goats

I guess I’m very annoying.

It’s so disgusting to see how entitled Caleb is regarding Amber (Big Brother) just because he’s interested in her and “does nice things for her” (questionable). Like I’m sure guys like Caleb would never categorize themselves in the same way as rapists but come on. Feeling entitled to a woman is disgusting no matter how you go about it. I think it’s so incredibly pathetic to even want someone’s attention if they don’t want you on their own. Like why would you do that? My biggest pet peeve with these guys is that they genuinely believe they’re “nice” and girls are mean, stupid, and ungrateful. Like fuck you, man. I had a guy I had a genuine friendship with once, we met as I was getting out of my first real relationship and I was very open about that. He started being nicer than necessary. I didn’t ASK for that. He then felt like I owed him something. I told him once I was sure I wouldn’t date someone as attentive as him whenever I did date, but that didn’t mean I should date him. Just because I knew he would basically cater to me. I didn’t FEEL something for him. I wasn’t attracted to him. That’s it. That’s all it was. We still had solid conversations but whatever, I was a bitch. Apparently. He even asked me to date him so he could basically convince me and like why would you ever do that to yourself. Oh back to being nice, if you’re doing something with the hopes that you’ll get something out of it, that’s not being nice.

Beautiful massive human. Okay.


Esther’s Tree Explorations  (by aj 1982)


was this movie real